Accessibility Statement
Last updated 13 March 2023

Our mission is to open, inform and connect the global fashion community, so ensuring that as many people as possible can access our content and products is important to us.

Accessible Content or Features

We endeavour to release new features and designs that align with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), the internationally recognised standard for web accessibility. These include:

  • Using a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes and resolutions, making it easier to view our content on different devices.
  • Using clear and consistent navigation and headers to make it easier for users to navigate and find the information they need, and on screen readers.
  • Using high colour contrast and a readable font size (16px) as a default to make our website easy to read and use for users with low vision.
  • Using consistent design patterns to clearly identify buttons and links on a page
  • Regularly testing our website for accessibility and taking steps to improve it where necessary.

The organisation AbilityNet provides guidance to make your computer more accessible, enabling users to make the most of the internet whatever their ability or disability. It offers help with seeing the screen, using your keyboard and mouse, hearing sounds, and with reading and spelling.

Some content included in BoF Professional or BoF Insights are formatted and delivered as PDFs. Most PDF viewers have built-in, useful accessibility features.

Non-accessible Content or Features

Though we understand the importance of adhering to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, we recognise that not all website areas, features or content are accessible.

In general, we do not adhere to guidelines with our multimedia content, including:

  • Providing text transcripts for all of our non-live, web-based audio.
  • Providing text transcripts or audio-only alternatives to all of our non-live, web-based video.
  • Providing sign language video for all media content that requires video.
  • Adhering to a contrast ratio of at least 7.1 with the visual presentation of text or images of text.
  • Providing a mechanism for users to select background and foreground colours, or change text size - although users may override this with additional tools.
  • Providing glossaries or definitions for all words, abbreviations, or pronunciations that may be ambiguous, unknown or used in a very specific way - and we do use industry-specific terminology.
  • Providing alternative captions for all images that are descriptive

In most cases, we have assessed the cost of fixing these issues and believe that doing so now would be a disproportionate burden within the meaning of the accessibility regulations.

We also utilise third-party platforms to deliver some of our services - and we endeavour to use any accessibility features that these platforms provide. Specifically, BoF Careers is hosted on a third-party platform and is limited to its accessibility features.

Your Feedback

We welcome feedback from our community about accessibility. If you have any suggestions or comments on how we can improve our website's accessibility, please get in touch with us.